Thursday, March 31, 2011


4 disney movies for $1

Do you purchase a lot of Disney Dvd Movies?  Being a part of a club is great, if you know the right club to join. If you have young kids such as me, so you might want to check out the Disney Movie Club.  Right now you can get 4 Disney Movies (you choice!) for $1.00!
I did this and was able to add quite a few movies to our Disney collection. You get 4 DVD’s for $1.00 now with the understanding that you will purchase 3 or 4 movies in the next 2 years.  When you add up what you have to pay for 3 or 4  movies at regular price and divide that among the 4 you will receive for $1.00 – it ends up to be a cheap deal for movies!
They have such a large selection to choose from and free shipping
Click here to get started now!


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